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See the table below for our most frequently asked questions or simply contact us if you need more help. We're here to support you.

How do I open an account?

To open an account simply apply online. Our online application is easy to complete and should only take you a few minutes, just choose your type of account (CFD or Spread betting) and enter your personal details. We aim to have all accounts open within 24 hours or sooner if all details are supplied and verified.

How can I get help with account opening?

If you have any questions about opening an account, just call us on +44 (0) 207 175 1700. Alternatively, you can email us at

What happens after I’ve completed my account application?

We will process your application within 24 hours or much sooner if all details are supplied and verified. If your application is successful you will receive an ‘account activation’ email with your username and password. Otherwise, we may need you to provide us with additional identification documentation; we will let you know by email if this is the case and what documentation we need.

How do I open a CFD account?

To open a CFD account simply apply online and, on the first of our three application pages, choose CFD account. Then follow the rest of the instructions to complete the form.

How do I open a spread betting account?

To open a spread betting account simply apply online and, on the first of our three simple application pages, choose spread betting account. Then follow the rest of the instructions to complete the form.

What if I want a Forex account?

Forex can be traded through a CFD or a Spread Betting account. It is up to you. Simply choose which type of account you prefer and select CFD or Spread Betting from the drop down box on the first page of the online application form. If you are not sure which account you want then read our web pages on CFD and Spread betting to help you decide.

How do I log in to my account?

To log in, go to our homepage and select 'Log In', located on the top right hand corner of the page. When presented with the log in page enter the username and password we have provided to you in your activation email.

Alternately, you can download the iPad or mobile app versions using the links below. Again, use the username and password given in your activation email to log in.

Google Play                  App store

What if I have forgotten my password?

Click the log in link, which is at the top right hand corner of the website, and this will take you to the log in page. From here just click on the ‘reset password’ link which is located on the bottom left of the window. This will generate an email to your registered email address which will contain a new password. 

What happens if I enter a wrong username or password?

After three failed attempts, your access to the trading platforms will be suspended for security reasons. If this happens  unlock your account by contacting us on +44 (0) 207 175 1701.  Alternatively, you can email us at from the email address registered to your account and request that your account to be unlocked.

How do I update my personal details?

If you need to amend any of your personal details simply call us on +44 (0) 207 175 1701 or email us at Please note that, should you wish to amend details such as your address or bank information, further documentation may be required.

How do I fund my account?

We offer a number of different methods to deposit funds into your trading account. See our funding page for more details

What currencies can I hold my funds in?

We provide accounts for funds to be managed in Sterling, Euros, US Dollars and Japanese Yen.

What is the minimum initial deposit?

The minimum initial deposit for spread betting and CFD accounts is GBP200.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is GBP10.

Can I amend or add a new account card details?

You can add a new card or delete existing card details by clicking on the ‘Add Funds’ tab within the Trading Platform. To amend details for an existing card, you must first delete the old card information from your account and then add the new card information.

Can I use my account without funds?

You can use your account without funds once you have received the activation email. However you cannot trade until you have deposited funds. If you wish to try trading without funds then try opening a demo account.

How can I withdraw money from my account?

To request a withdrawal simply email us at stating your account number and the amount you wish to withdraw. Or call us on +44 (0) 207 175 1701.

All withdrawal requests must reach us by 12:30PM GMT if they are to be processed on the same day, otherwise they will be processed on the following day.

Payments back to cards usually take 3-5 working days but in some rare cases the banking system might take longer to process your refund, if this is the case please contact our Client Services team.

Please note that company policy states that withdrawals must go back to the original source. Therefore, if you funded your account with a debit or credit card we would transfer funds back to this card. However, MasterCard do not accept refunds from gaming organisations. If you deposited funds using a MasterCard we will pay back to a bank account in your name. It is possible that we may require proof of your bank account details to establish that the account is in your name. This should be in the form of an original bank statement dated within the last 3 months. The statement should include your name, address, account number and, for international clients, an IBAN or swift code. In some instances we may require a scanned copy of the original card used.

I am trying to fund through the platform but nothing is happening

In order to fund your account you will be directed to a banking 3D secure page to confirm your security details. It maybe that your browser is blocking pop-up screens, so ensure that your pop-up blocker is disabled to see the 3D secure page.

If you are using Google Chrome you may also need to click on the small icon that has an 'x', which is located in the URL address box, which should allow the separate page to open.

My funding was rejected even though I have sufficient funds in my bank account

Some banks will prevent funding for the first time to a new online account for security reasons. To correct this, call your card issuing bank to confirm why your transaction has been declined. If it was a security measure, you will need to instruct them to authorize future payments to 3DMarkets and then subsequent transactions should be successful.

Will I be charged any fee for deposits or withdrawals?

Funding via debit card and credit card is free and there is no cost to withdraw funds back to your credit or debit card. This usually takes 3 days for the banks to process payment. If you need same day UK payment there is a charge of 15 GBP. International payments are 15 GBP; however your bank may also deduct local bank charges. We advise that you check this with your bank.

Also, you should note that some local banks will charge a fee for bank transfers. This may mean that we receive a lesser amount than you actually sent. Please check with your bank if this happens.

Will I earn interest on the money I deposit?

No interest is earned on funds held in your account

Will I receive daily and monthly statements?

Daily and monthly statements will be sent to your registered email account. You can also retrieve copies of daily and monthly statements from the trading platform.

What if my statements is not correct?

If you think that the information shown in a statement is incorrect, please contact us within 2 days of the statement date either by calling on +44 (0) 207 175 1701 or emailing us at If you do not contact us within 2 days of the statement date, you will be deemed to have accepted the transaction(s) listed in the statement.

What if I do not receive a statement by email?

If you did not receive a statement, please call us on +44 (0) 207 175 1701 or email us Alternatively, you can always retrieve a copy of the statement from the trading platform.

How is my personal data protected?

3DMarkets takes the safeguarding of your data very seriously. All personal information in our possession is held securely. Only authorised employees are permitted access to your personal information, strictly for business purposes.

Subject to its stated exceptions, the Data Protection Act entitles you to obtain a copy of any personal information which we hold concerning you and to advise us of any perceived inaccuracy. Should you wish to exercise this right at any time please email us at confirming the information you require. We will need to verify your identity and may charge you a reasonable fee to cover our costs in complying with your request to provide you with the required information.

For more details see our Data Privacy policy document.

How is my money protected?

Your money will be treated as client money in compliance with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) Rules. This means that your trading funds will be segregated from 3DMarket’s own money and will not be used by 3DMarkets in the course of business. The funds are held in a segregated client money trust account at an approved bank in the EEA (European Economic Area).

Is my trading activity regulated?

Our service provider is authorized and regulated in the UK by the Financial Services Authority. The FCA is the independent watchdog that regulates financial services.

All FCA authorised companies are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), up to £50,000 of client deposits are guaranteed by this scheme.

How do I log onto the platform?

To log in you will need to select 'Log In', which is located on the top right hand corner of our website Use the username and password provided to you in your activation email when the log in screen launches

Alternately you can download the iPad or mobile app versions using the links below. Again, use the username and password given in your activation email to log in.

Google Play       App store

Can I download a mobile app?

Our mobile app is available for iPad, iPhone or Android and can be downloaded FREE using the links below

Google Play       App store

Can I access charting tools in the trading platform?

Yes. We have high performance charting tools that are available to you FREE through the platform.

Can I log into the Web platform and the iPad or mobile app at the same time?

For security reasons we do not allow you to log in twice to the same account.

Do I have to pay to use the trading platform?

No. All trading Platforms are FREE with your account.

Where do I get help on how to spread bet ?

The 3DMarket website has lots of useful information explaining order types and spread betting guides and strategies. If you can’t find what you need there then call us for more information on +44 (0) 207 175 1701 or email us at Alternatively, try our demo  and test your trading without risking your funds

Where do I get help on how to use the trading platform?

If you need any help using the platform just call us on +44 (0) 207 175 1701 or email us at


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