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CFD Markets

CFD Markets

green arrow Trade CFDs with 3DMarkets across thousands  of Global Markets.

green arrow With 0% commission rates and tight spreads you'll find us hard to beat on price. 

green arrow Whether your financial interests lie in Index, Equity, Forex, Commodity, Exchange Traded Funds, or American Depository Receipts we have the markets for you.


Equity Trading Spread BettingEquity Trading Spread BettingEquity Trading Spread BettingEquity Trading Spread Betting


See our pricing table for all of our markets and prices



Our CFDs are available on all major global indices, including :

  • FTSE 100 – rolling daily and future on our UK100
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average – rolling daily and future on our US30
  • Nikkei - rolling daily and future on our Japan 225
  • NASDAQ -rolling daily and future on our NDQ100
  • S&P 500 - rolling daily and future on our  US500
  • DAX - rolling daily and future on our  Germany30

And many more


At 3DMarkets you can trade CFDs on a wide variety of equities. Which means you can use leverage trading, benefit from stamp duty exemption under current UK laws, and sell short to benefit from a falling market.

Our equities cover the UK 100 and 250 companies. US 30, 100 and 500 companies. With margins starting at 5% you will find us hard to beat on value.

Open an account within 24hrs and come trade with us.


With a 3DMarkets account you can be trading forex 24 hours a day, 5 and a half days a week.

This is the largest global Trading market there is and we offer trading on over 37 currency pairs.

Major pairs include :

  • British pound (GBP) / US dollar (USD)
  • British pound (GBP)/ Euro (EUR)
  • Euro (EUR) / US Dollar (USD) 
  • US dollar (USD) / Japanese yen (JPY)
  • US dollar (USD) / Canadian dollar (CAD)

See our forex guide for more information on how to trade currencies.


3DMarkets offer CFD commodity trading in major precious metals like gold and silver. Plus popular energy commodities like Crude oil. We offer tight spreads and low margins on our commodities for example

  • Spot Gold - 4 points, minimum margin £80
  • US Crude Oil Future - 4 points, minimum margin £80
  • Spot Silver - 3 points, minimum margin £30

Our platform gives access to realtime charting to support your trading strategy and our customer service team are ready to offer you help when you need it.


Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs are funds that comprise a selection of assets and track the overall performance in a single market price. As with regular funds, ETFs enables the investor to gain exposure to a blended range of assets through one fund.

3DMarkets offer spread betting and CFDs in a wide range of ETFs that include Bonds, Commodities, Countries, Currencies, Equity Indices, Technology, and Geographical Territories.


American depository receipts or ADRs allow you to trade non-US based companies on US exchanges. Investors can use ADRs to trade in say,  European or emerging market companies  and still keep their base currency in dollars either to benefit from favourable exchange rates or a preferred stock exchange.

At 3DMarkets we offer CFDs and spread betting in a wide variety of ADRs that cover 20 countries including China, Peru, Russia and South Africa. As with all of our markets, these products are available at our highly competitive spreads and low margin rates.

Open an account with us today to gain instant access to all of these markets

Market Info is on our website and any market updates weekly and daily our sent my email, so it is not available on the platform as such.


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